Winter Special Lottery

1. Once you purchase any of our products, you will automatically get the chance to participate in our Winter Special Lottery.
2. Participation in our Winter Special Lottery is solely discretional and absolutely free.
3. After signing up for our lottery, every participant will receive a number.
4. The winner will be randomly chosen buy our computerized system.
5. The winning number/the winner, will be announced via email (also the lottery process and it's results will be available on our web page and our blog).


Our Prizes:

1th Place: $250 Benefis E-Gift Card

2th Place: 15% Discount Coupon

3th Place: 10% Discount Coupon

The raffle will take place on 16th of February. The results will be published on our Website, Blog as well as on our social media Channels.




Name:                      Lottery ID Number: 
Jennifer B.0001
Carolyn T.0002
Sala L.0003
Dayna M.0004
Miho C.0005
Anna D.0006
Peggy C.0007
Isabelle B.0008
Marta M.
Rebbeca G.
Amy P.
Valerie F.
Galina R.
Kathy F.
Renata K.0015
Cheryl A.0016
Simone S.0017
Liz M.0018
Jody S.0019
Kristen H.0020
Daphne C.0021
Rebecca C.0022
Regina Z.0023
Christina L.0024
Doina F.0025
Brian A.0026
Maria M.0027
Claudia D.
Marissa O.0029
Valerie F.0030
Lilian L.0031