Benefis Reward Points Terms and Conditions

How can you get Benefis Reward Points?

In order to start accumulating Benefis Reward Points, first of all you must Signup/Create an account on our webpage:

Ways of accumulation:

1. Subscribe, Follow us on our Social Media Channels – 100 Points
2. Participate in our Contests – 50 Points
3. Participate in our Polls – 50 Points
4. Place an order - once the order is paid, you will receive – 500 Points
5. Other alternatives will follow

Also there are random Benefis Reward Points sent on random bases, to Random Active Accounts!

What can you get for your Reward Points - Our Prize List

What can I get for my Benefis Reward Points?

What is Benefis Reward Points and what is their cost?

Benefis Reward Points is our way to reward our active customers. For various activities in the life of the company, you will receive Rewards Points.
Points Rewards can be exchanged for a discount:
1000 Benefis Points - 10% discount on 1 item.
Benefis Points - 15% discount on 1 item.
Benefis Points - 20% discount on 1 item.
Benefis Points - 25% discount on 1 item.

Also the amount of the discount can be increased from the amount of your order, starting from 10% and more!

Can my account be closed?

Can I lose my Reward Points?